Aaron Akrong

My name is Aaron Adjetey Akrong. I grew up as one of seven brothers in Ghana, where homosexual activity is a criminal offense. Despite the fear of being caught engaging in homosexuality, I lived in the gay lifestyle for more than 20 years and even thought of myself as something of an activist for gay rights in Ghana. I was nearly married to my partner until God did what He does best and pulled me out of what was in hindsight a dark period. These days I am a minister of the gospel, turning hearts and minds to God through the power of His son Jesus Christ.

My testimony begins in 2015 when I began having vivid and frightening dreams. My gut told me there was something wrong, so I went to the church for guidance and counsel, and the dreams would eventually stop and I would go back to indulging in the gay life. But when I dipped my toes back in to the gay scene, the dreams would come back to taunt me; a pattern was emerging.


One particularly shocking dream changed my outlook forever. In this dream I was approached by a shady cult of wealthy materialistic individuals. They offered me money, cars, houses, fame, in exchange for serving them. It was much like Jesus being tempted by the devil in the desert. I refused these temptations but the group persisted. They sent dogs to attack me, they’d even kidnapped one of my friends who submitted to them because he couldn’t bear the torture. I stood my ground and told them I will only serve God. This dream was certainly prophetic in nature; I have since faced many tests from people around me who are sceptical about my journey with Christ.

Through all of this I was blessed to meet two men who were a great support to me: Reverend Timothy Bentum and Mr Andrew Adanuty. Through prayer, they were able to prophesy about my life, which always put a smile on my face because everything they said was true. I was becoming more and more convicted of God’s power.

“One day I came home from church and I cried to God and I asked him ‘Why me?’.”

I’ll always remember the date that I had my first encounter with Jesus, on 19th September 2018. On that day, a friend told me he had the same dream that I had in 2015. He said something profound: ‘God has a purpose for your life and He wants you to live righteously’. I began to see and feel this calling from God in me but I didn’t fully know what it meant. Andrew called for me in a night service and started saying the same thing about my dreams and strange encounters. He said I need to repent totally and surrender all to God through Jesus Christ. I was confused but I was curious. So, I had a lot of prayer sessions to see if I could learn more about Jesus.

God spoke to me and told me I would be an evangelist. One day I came home from church and I cried to God and I asked him ‘Why me?’. I didn’t feel capable. I received the answer in a dream: He wants to change my life for His glory and His honour. ‘People will know that with God all things are possible. Many will look at what God is about to do with you and denounce their old ways’. I felt a strong sense of urgency. I woke up and uttered 5 words: ‘Let your will be done’. Since then I have been nurturing my gift in receiving and relaying prophetic words through dreams.


In November 2018, I sought the help from ministry Mount Olive at Nkawkaw to spend some time in prayer. There, I had an encounter with Jesus in yet another dream. I saw myself living the gay life on the mountain and the church elders found me. They said that what I brought to the mountain is forbidden in the presence of God and to confess my sins to receive forgiveness. But, when I tried confessing, my words wouldn’t leave my mouth. That was until the holy spirit came from behind me and said, ‘Speak my son and your sins will be forgiven’. After he said that, I was able to speak out and confess my sins and I felt so relieved. When I woke up, I felt an overwhelming sense of freedom.


My encounters with God have inspired me to travel and share the gospel with people, with youth, in churches and on the radio. I’ve also explored dating women as my heart is in a healthier place and I can let go of the past. I am so grateful to have support from my own family as well as X-Out-Loud.



Aaron’s transformation

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