Angel Colon

My Life before I pursued a change in my sexuality was what I would call “A Hot Mess”. Yes, I had my moments where I thought I was having the time of my life but in those moments I also felt Lonely, empty, shackled, and unloved. The more lost I was, the worse it got. My life was so consumed by homosexuality, drugs and liquor that I wouldn’t give the time of day to my family. Having been raised in a strong Christian home, I felt a deep conflict between what I had known to be good and right, and the life I was living. I woke up hungover on June 11th, 2016 after a night of drinking and drug use. That evening my friends went to Pulse, a club in Orlando. 2:02 am is when everything changed. Saying our goodbyes, we heard a big POP! I dropped my drink realizing the sounds were gunshots. As we ran, I was shot several times. I fell down pulling my friends with me. As I was struggling to stand back up, I felt a footstep behind my left leg and heard a loud snap which resulted in my left femur being broken. I couldn’t move or even feel my legs, so I covered my head and stayed still. 

What followed was chaos all around me. I started comforting the lady lying next to me, telling her to pretend to be dead. I looked at her and heard a loud shot. As her eyes shut, I couldn’t believe I just witnessed her death. I was terrified I was next. Feeling the shooter behind me, I uttered what I thought would be my last prayer. Even in that terrible moment, the peace and hope of God flooded me. I changed my prayer and started prophesying over life and against what the enemy was planning for me. At the moment I said Amen, I heard a loud shot and felt my body jump up and down.

I thought I was dead. After several minutes, I started hearing cop radios. I raised my hands calling out; “Please come get me!” “I’m Alive!”

I had been wanting to pursue a change for quite some time before the tragedy at Pulse happened. I missed my faith, and I missed feeling true peace and happiness. I had started praying for God to do something to change my life. As I recovered, the support of my pastors became a huge help. I found that I could talk to them about anything without judgement or rejection, and so they earned my trust and helped me recover my life and faith. At the same time, fame and fortune was coming my way after the tragedy resulting in me living both worlds until I had to make a choice since I was still feeling empty inside. I had to learn how to say no to the world and Yes to God. I surrendered to God, I gave him not just one piece of my heart but my whole heart and at that moment I heard the Holy Spirit say “That’s All HE Wanted”. At that moment my life changed completely.

I’m still recovering but very grateful that I am here today. My life today is a complete 180-degree turn from the life I had before. Feeling empty and lonely inside was slowly destroying me, but I can now say I know what true happiness is, what true love is, and most importantly what true peace is. I can now wake up every morning and say “I AM GOOD WITH GOD!”



Angel’s transformation