We would be honoured to partner with you in prayer. We believe there is power in agreement, and that Jesus gave us access to our perfect Heavenly Father. To do so, you may reach out to us at info@core-issues.org

The ideal candidates are secure and confident in their identity as X-LGBT. They are willing to count the cost that comes with public exposure, being resilient and compassionate towards all. They are always excited to serve the Lord Jesus Christ, both in the limelight and in the secret place. They are submitted to their local church, and are a blessing to the community. 

We are grateful for all the X-LGBT voices that are willing to testify in this hour. Feel free to contact us via info@core-issues.org, and we would be delighted to review your request. 

A movement requires many hands. Stay tuned to our latest updates on our web-site. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and spread the word with your family and friends. Invite one of our featured Forerunners to speak at an event you are hosting, or recommend them to others. 
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