Rebecca was born and raised in a Catholic family. She never felt a particular affiliation to any religion. She felt rather forced to go to church and pray the rosary. She used to think that God was a concept that people made up to find a sense of security in their lives. Self-described as a tomboy, Rebecca used to play with boys in school, enjoying bicycles and various sports. 

Rebecca’s mother was 15 years old when she had Rebecca. She raised her as a single mother. Dad was not around. Aged 8, Rebecca began to develop a hatred towards men. Her family relative was accustomed to trashing men with her language, which made her take on a negative view of men. She experienced sexual abuse by another male on two separate occasions. On the first occasion, she wondered whether she had done anything to provoke the abuser, and condemned herself for not stopping him. She never mentioned anything to her grandparents, who helped raising her. On the 2nd occasion, she fled the scene.


Rebecca got married at the age of 20. It was 2 years and a half after that she gave birth to her beloved son, Laurent. To her distress, Laurent was diagnosed with autism. This left her with the impression that nothing was going the right way for her. In rebellion, she started clubbing and partying.


There was a particular encounter that shook Rebecca’s life. She met a Satanist woman who pointed her finger at her, saying: “The father wants you. Worship him, and he will give you everything.” Rebecca had no idea who she was talking about. She sarcastically responded: “Tell your father to worship me.” The woman warned her not to make fun of these things. This is when Rebecca felt like someone punched her in the stomach and grabbed hold of her heart. The atmosphere in the room shifted. The evil presence was tangible. Rebecca’s friend felt this heaviness in the air. This was Rebecca’s first supernatural encounter, from which point her life went in a downward spiral.


Rebecca started having fits and nervous breakdowns. She was being smashed against walls. Within a year, she separated from her husband. For a while, she had been feeling that her relationship with her husband was more of a brother-sister kind of bond. She knew something was missing in their marriage, and certainly didn’t know who she was. She quickly made friends with gay-identifying men and women who called her ‘Jezebel’. She went wild with her party lifestyle. She met many women in the LGBT lifestyle who had been previously hurt by their husbands in marriage. 

Rebecca was not a believer at the time. She found herself addicted to cocaine, sleeping pills and anti-depressants. She also began dating women. Fits became more regular, as she noticed an increased sense of aggression. She wasn’t able to identify where all this anger was coming from. Eventually, she got diagnosed with severe depression and became suicidal. Her nights were tormented by demonic dreams, involving demonic rape and sleep paralysis. At one point, Rebecca saw her spirit leave her body, and she felt an evil force slam her to the ground. Another voice spoke to her from the back, powerful and authoritative: “Rebecca, it’s enough! Wake up!” She asked if it was her grandmother speaking, when the voice replied: “I AM”. 


Rebecca slept an Atheist, but woke up asking about God. Her mother couldn’t believe this drastic change. In the midst of a sexual affair with another woman, Rebecca tearfully asked for a bible. She couldn’t believe these words came out of her mouth. A few days after, she came across a Maltese Christian Evangelist who was leading people to Jesus through a salvation prayer. As she prayed, she cried and sobbed. Rebecca realised that she was born from above. 

As she flipped through the pages of the bible, she found a verse where God reveals Himself as the “I AM”. For the first time, Rebecca understood that the voice that spoke to her weeks prior was the voice of God Himself! She later on received specific prayer, which freed her from demonic spirits. Rebecca vomited blood and screamed like a maniac. She felt as though nails were coming out of her neck and mouth. All of this was a fresh revelation of Jesus Christ in her life. Next day she got baptised in the Maltese sea, where God supernaturally protected her from a smack of jellyfish!



Rebecca’s transformation

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